Experience a Total Immersion in Personal Growth and Make Friendships that last a lifetime.

Next Event: Amsterdam Conference Centre, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
July 13 – Aug 2, 2020

Experience the Ultimate Mindvalley Experience: 3 Weeks. Over 300 Events across the City of Amsterdam

Introducing Mindvalley University, the 21-Day Global Campus for Transformational Learning.

Deep dive into workshops, talks and seminars, and network with the brightest minds in personal development.

Imagine – one of the most iconic cities becoming both your home and your playground for 21 magical days with a tribe of people who become your new best friends.

Throughout the day you greet your best friends — and make new ones from every corner of the world. You’ll laugh, love, learn and experience life-changing shifts together.

From scheduled learning sessions to spontaneous gatherings, you share a deep connection. Everyday, you’ll feel more and more at home.

Real experiences and reflections directly from our students at Mindvalley University in Pula, Croatia 2019

Discover. Explore. Connect. Learn.

100+ Outstanding Teachers

100+ Outstanding Teachers

1000+ Global Participants

1000+ Global Participants

200+ Talks and Workshops

300+ Talks and Workshops

Education, Evolved.

Mindvalley University is a 21-day immersion into Mindvalley’s best content and teachings, taking place in a spectacular new city, alongside a world-class curated community.

This program is designed to teach you and your family real-world life skills that today’s education system ignores, and guide you in living a truly extraordinary life. Experience workshops, talks, seminars, and amazing networking opportunities.

Created by Vishen Lakhiani as a means for himself and his family to create community, discover new cultures and experience profound personal growth, Mindvalley University is now an event that attracts 1000+ each year.

Vishen Lakhiani On Why Mindvalley University Is His Favorite Experience Of The Year

Behind the scenes of Mindvalley University Pula with Vishen

Mindvalley University Aftermovie

Pula, Croatia 2019

What To Expect In Amsterdam

community image of people on stage at mindvalley University cheering

You’ll Connect With An Incredible Community

Network and party with a diverse community of people just like you—entrepreneurs, parents, students, teachers, creatives…anyone and everyone.

Connect and accelerate your business— maybe you’ll meet your future co-founder!

Create deeper bonds with family and make lifelong friendships.

mindvalley stage with speaker and audience

You’ll Transform Yourself

Learn from world class teachers in business and personal development.

Acquire real world life skills that truly lead to a happier life.

Develop an accelerated path to your next level of life.

city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands

You’ll Discover a New City, New Experiences And Amazing New People

Learn and grow through a different kind of immersive experience, where the city and culture play a major role.

a family at mindvalley university

You’ll Change the Life of Your Kids and Family

We have a full agenda of workshops, talks, masterminds, and seminars for adults, teens and kids.

Better yourself, better your relationships with others, and become more connected to the world around you.

people on stage at mindvalley university

You’ll Find Your Tribe and Never Ever Feel Lonely Again

Meet, network and party with a diverse and amazing community of diverse and extraordinary leaders, thinkers and doers – from CEOs, best-selling authors and award-winning artists to growth-hacking entrepreneurs, business owners and world-class specialists in diverse fields.

Next Event:

Amsterdam Conference Centre,
Beurs van Berlage

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

July 13 – Aug 2, 2020

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World-Class Learning from Leading-Edge Experts

At Mindvalley University, expect to learn from the leading-edge experts, teachers and thought-leaders in their field. Whether you choose to join us for a week or for the entire event, you’ll emerge the other side a fundamentally different person as you level-up in every aspect of your life.

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best-Selling Author

Lisa Nichols

CEO of Motivating the Masses, Author, & Speaker

Ken Honda

Japan’s Bestselling Zen Millionaire

Anodea Judith

Best-Selling Author, Healer, and Speaker

Dan Brulé

Breathwork Coach, Trainer, Consultant

Charlie Morley

Lucid Dreaming Teacher

Jade Shaw

Astral Projection Teacher

Ben Greenfield

Biohacker, Author & Fitness Expert

What’s New this year in Amsterdam

This Year in Amsterdam We Have Evolved Mindvalley University With the Following New Innovations:

1. Special Tracks: Mindvalley University is now moving towards deep immersion and mastery tracks where you learn useful skills to elevate your career and life. Tracks are 5 to 10 hour deep dives that span multiple days. All tracks are included free with your ticket.

Tracks you can participate in include:

  • Live Longer, Look Better, Get Fit: A Deep Dive in Health Optimization
  • Becoming a Viral Filmmaker
  • How to Go from $1M to $50M: Lessons from the Trenches
  • How to Write and Publish a Best-Selling Book
  • How to Create a Million Fans on Instagram and Facebook
  • Money Mastery: Adopt the Mindset of the Super Rich with Ken Honda
  • And much more…

2. With your Mindvalley University ticket, ALL Mindvalley seminars are now free for you to attend in Amsterdam during Mindvalley University. (And yes this includes the formerly $5000 Lifebook seminar. )

Here’s what’s happening:

  • The Lifebook Seminar (5 days)
  • The Buddha & the Badass: How to Master Your Work by Mastering Your Self (2 day)
  • The Silva Ultramind Seminar: Altered Training to Unleash Superpowers (2 days)

3. Connections: You asked for more connections. So we’re focused on Masterminds and Circles for deeper connections. Masterminds are specific groups you can join to learn from peers. Example “Women CEOs” or “Entrepreneurs at $5M in revenue” or “Aspiring Authors”. Circles are a new construct where everyone joining is connected in a specific group or circle for friendship and connection (powered by Whatsapp).

4. Tribe Sessions: We acquired a much bigger space this year and will be providing a lot of support for the best tribe sessions. Last year we had some 300 tribe sessions in just the last 10 days alone. Every participant can also apply to teach and share knowledge.

The 2020 Schedule

Mindvalley University offers a wide range of events. The schedule is constantly changing and new speakers are being added every week.

What Students Say

“There’s a feeling that you belong”

There’s a feeling that you belong, that you´re accepted just as you are, without having to mould yourself to fit in. Everyone there wants the best for you and is there to help. It feels that safe! Not only the attendees but the MVU team will make you feel that they are there with you, in the same level, learning and growing with you.

— Lourdes Aldanondo

“Mindvalley University is radically and successfully breaking the mold of what learning looks like.”

Mindvalley University is radically and successfully breaking the mold of what learning looks like. I believe Mindvalley University will one day be looked upon as one of the most important social movements in the history of education.

— Akira Chan

NFL Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez on his Experience at Mindvalley University (from an Interview in Locale Magazine)

Tony recalls his favorite vacation so far, their most recent family trip to attend Mindvalley U. During the event, they attended lectures on everything from entrepreneurship and emotional intelligence to classes on leadership and what it means to be a feminist. Tony and Tobie said they find this type of education priceless since they feel strongly about customizing their children’s education through homeschooling and want to broaden their minds and create a love for learning.

— Tony Gonzalez

“Incredible community”

Incredible community, greater awareness, elevated spiritual connections, being more in tune with myself and being more aware of what I want in life are just some of the things I am taking forward with me after this incredible month.. I am looking forward to next year!

— Danielle Shillam

“The quality of the people I met blew my mind”

What really blew my mind the most was the quality of the people I met. They were all loving, open minded and really into self growth and with a change maker, humanity plus mentality. My biggest takeaway was that I awakened in me the belief that I am indeed a limitless being deserving to create & live a limitless life.

— Andra Trita

“It feels extraordinary to be part of this disruption in education”

It feels extraordinary to be part of this disruption in education. Absolute highlight of our lives.

— Gerry Haag